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click the photo for a larger imageThe California Well Sample Repository is California’s only facility for the permanent storage and public use of cores, sidewall samples, drill cuttings, outcrop samples, microfaunal slides, foundation borings, and mineral suites. The repository, founded in 1975, consists of two buildings---each 6,000 square feet in area---that are located on the campus of California State University at Bakersfield.

On this website, you can find extensive catalogs that contain information about the thousands of oil, gas, water and core wells from California that are in our collection. There are tens of thousands of entries in our catalogs that list available core, cuttings, well logs, and paleo samples. Our files are in Microsoft Excel (.XLS) format, and they can be downloaded from this site by any interested party. Or, you can visit us at our present facility on the campus of the California State University at Bakersfield.

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Material in the California Well Sample Repository collection includes:

Most of these cores and samples would never have been made available for study by the public, and would have been discarded and destroyed by their owners were it not for the Repository. Our collection includes materials from every major oil company in California, cores from many exploration wells drilled by independents, and cores from mining and geothermal companies.

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California cores in our collection
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San Joaquin Valley cores in our collection
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